TVC advertising effectiveness measurement survey in Indonesia

Have you ever had questions like below?

  • I want to know how effective the TVC advertising is.
  • I am looking for the improvement plan to maximize cost effectiveness.
  • I would like to review the TVC creative by effect measurements.

In consideration for the next TVC campaign, above questions can be imagined

Research techniques to accurately measure the effectiveness of a TVC in Indonesia?

  • In orthodox survey technique: the "saw" and "remember" TVC group are used,and likely to overestimate purchase intention from TVC.
  • To solve this problem, different evaluation for non-contact with TVC group is also important besides the contact-group. The result can be more accurate by comparing the two group of contact and non-contact with TVC.

In survey with only contact persons.
It is obvious that we can't grasp the fact.

How to correctly visualize the effectiveness of a TVC in Indonesia?

Changes in the actual purchase intention are based on cases.

Measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in one-time-only

Run an ad intensively in the launching campaign of new products

For the following example, for those who are exposed to TVC, advertising effectiveness is 10.0% higher. In comparision to the group that are not exposed to TVC, we can better understand the ads measurement.

For example

graph tvc

TVC-contact group

Furure purchase intention


TVC non-contact group

Future purchase intention


Difference 10.0% = 90.0% - 80.0%

Survey effectiveness evaluation
Since purchase intention of TVC-contacted group are higher than TVC non-contacted group, TVC affects purchase intention.

Measure the effectiveness of advertising campaign by fixed-point observation method

Determine the effectiveness of advertising by comparing every ad campaign and the figures before and after the campaign

Future purchase intention (TOP2)

graph tvc


Purchase intention of TVC contacted group are higher

Since purchase intention of TVC-contacted group are higher than other media contacted group, TVC affects purchase intention.


Increment and decrement of purchase intention is the same

The increase of purchase intention in TVC non-contacted group is influenced by other media, which is varied seasonally; hence, TVC does not affect purchase intention


Purchase intention of TVC non-contacted group are higher

Purchase intention of TVC contact group is increased slightly due to TVC effectiveness. However, TVC has no effect on the increment of non-contacted group.


Purchase intention of TVC contact group remains the same, while non-contact group's decreases

Since the purchase intention of TVC contacted group remains unchanged while non-contact group's is decreased, it can be said that TVC affects purchase intention by preventing purchase intention decrement.

How to create the target respondents group

Consider the homogeneity, for example gender, age and customs to prevent the bias of those who are exposed and who are not exposed to the ad.

Measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in one-time-only

Gender : Male
Age : 20-39 years old
Area : Jakata
TVC-contact group
TVC-non-contact group

Indicators of effect measurement

Basic Project Evaluation

Brand Recall When mentioned…, which brands do you know in the list below?
Brand Favorability When mentioned…, how much do you favor this brand?
Brand Interest When mentioned…, how much you are interested in the brands that you know?
Purchase Intention When mentioned…, how likely would you like to buy this brand in the future?
Brand recommendation When mentioned…, how likely would you recommend this brand to others in the future?

Supplemental Evaluation Indicators

Quantitative evaluation
  • - Creative rating
  • - Key message recognition
  • - Brand context evaluation
  • - Emotional image
  • - Taste image
  • - Occasions (Scene)
Qualitative Evaluation (FA)
  • - Goodwill and non-goodwill reasons
  • - Reasons for use and non-use intention

Deliveralbles sample


graph tvc - Introduction
- Research Design
- Respondents profile
- Key findings
- Detail Findings
Graph of Screening Questions
Graph of Main Questions

Basic package

Study Schedule and Service content

From the starting date of survey till report submitted, it's about 1.5 months

  • 10 -15 days before survey starting date
  • 5 - 10 days
  • 4 - 6 business days
  • 2 - 5 business days
  • Indentify issues
  • Clarify research objectives / purposes
  • Specify schedule
  • Research design
  • Research analysis axis confirmation
  • Deliverables (full report)
  • Finalise delivery date
  • Data collection
  • Data process and analysis
  • - Confirmation on additional analysis (cross tabulation)
  • Report with key findings
  • Repport of each item
  • Overall, recommendations

Sample Estimation

Country Indonesia
Sample size 300ss (for each TVC contacts and non-contacted group)
In case of evaluation on specific target, quota of age and gender will be kept.
Deliverables Raw data, GT, Crosstab, Report
Fee USD 6,000 -
Timing 1.5 months
Remarks In case of conducting more than one wave, fresh sample will be prioritized

number of panellist

07-Jul-2022 1,048,837


+62 21 50958311
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+84 8 3848 3731
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  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
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  • Jakarta
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  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Jakarta
    WA Only +62 811 9959 995
    Phone Only +62 21 5095 8311
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731