Naming Research Survey

Have you ever had questions like below?

  • Do our consumers have the right image towards our product's brand name?
  • Do our consumers conceive our product's brand name in a positive way?
  • Do our consumers remember the name of our service or product?

If your products or services have positive impression on the consumers, products will be sold and service demand will be highly increased.

Ortherwise, the products hardly reach its largest demand, leading revenue to lower potential level.

Case Studies


Acecook Co., Ltd. ; Product Name: Hảo Hảo

An instant noodle product named "Hảo Hảo" (Fukuromen/ Bag Noodle) became a big hit.
Hảo Hảo in Chinese - Vietnamese language means "Good" or "Delicious". After being lauched in the local market, it became very popular in Vietnam.
Wining traits of the brand name:
- Short and simple word structure
- Meaningful and call reference to good food.
- Easy to remember thanks to the word's pronunciation.
Hảo Hảo brand name is now holding 60% local share of instant noodle market. The company has soled more than 2.9 billion of products per year


Calpis Co., Ltd. ; Product Name: CALPIS

The product brand name was changed to "Calpico" outside of Japan in order to attain customers.
Problematic traits of the brand name:
- The word pronunciation sounds similar to "cow piss" in English, which is inappropriate for drinking water.
- The brand name is not well conceived by customers in English speaking countries.

The most important thing when deciding service name is to consider what image you want the product (or brand) to have and to consider whether the image can easily penetrate the market by winning customers' impression.
In a naming survey, you can actively see how your naming idea impresses local customers, how the name sounds to local customers, or how customers associate the name with other (competitive) products.

Naming Decision process

Create concept

Determine the brand image you want to give to the consumer.
Investigate consumers keywords searched at the internet
Determine keywords that associate to desired brand name。

Revise the name

Submit a naming idea with reference to keywords. In case good naming idea come up, deliver consumer survey to figure out the naming idea potential.

Registration Confirmation
(Trademark and Domain)

In case the products are to be distributed in multiple countries, it's necessary to investigate whether the trademark is already registered. Check the availability of wanted vacant domain. If it is already used, do not use the domain name for product's brand name.

Consumer Survey
(Online research)

After deciding appropriate brand names, carry out image surveys to target consumers.
Check if target consumers have different images from original idea, or whether they have positive images on it.


Based on survey results, determine the brand name as final decision.

Application for Trademark Registration

Register Trademark.

How to create target respondent group

Example for multiple naming comparison. The table is illustrated as comparing the impressions and relative merits.

Questionnaire Example

Question:Please let us know what do you think about the below statements that fit to the name of 「Nusaresearch」

Positive Image Negative Image

Strongly Agree Slightly Agree Slightly Disargee Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree
The name seems to be affected by trend 242 294 12 1 51
The name has a memorable impression 153 328 11 1 107
It is easy to understand products / service from the name 147 326 10 1 116
I feel a sense of intimacy from the name 150 317 12 0 121
I understand the meaning of the name 138 365 12 0 85
It is easy to pronounce this name 168 300 13 0 119
It is comfortable to hear this name 132 354 10 2 102
It is easy to remember this name 125 356 11 2 106

Naming proposal comparison by total score

Aggregated values are calculated from the number of points addressed to each item.

Positive image item point(N number × +2 or +1 point).
Negative image item point(N number × -2 or−1 point).

Image Items Nusaresearch Elephant Researach
The entire image can be conceived 2566 1969
The name is not affected by trend 753 517
The name has a memorable impression 611 477
It is easy to understand products / service from the name 599 469
The name gives a sense of intimacy 593 452
Basic Elements of the name can be understood 2405 1852
The meaning of the name can be understood 617 478
It is easy to pronounce the name 610 477
It is comfortable to hear the name 596 457
It is easy to remember the name 582 440

Comparison Sheet of Naming Proposal from the Aggregation Score

"Nusaresearch" beats "Elephant Research".
It says "Nusaresearch" is the stronger candidate.

Sample estimation

Country Indonesia - Nationwide
Sample size 300ss
Target Equal split of Gender
Age 20 - 39 years old
LOI 10 mins
Deliverables Raw data, GT, Crosstab
Fee USD 2,600 -
Timing 1 month
Remarks In case of conducting more than one wave, fresh sample will be prioritized

number of panellist

07-Jul-2022 1,048,837


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  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Jakarta
    WA Only +62 811 9959 995
    Phone Only +62 21 5095 8311
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731