Central Location TEST (CLT)

Central Location Test (CLT) is one of quantitative research methodologies.

Qualified respondents / interviewees are normally centralized in a certain place to take face-to-face interviews. Before conducting the interview, interviewers are well-trained by research staff to increase their interview skills and avoid affecting on the respondents' ideas through the interview. As the interview is conducted in a certain place, it is easier to manage whole process of the interview as well as dealing with unexpected situations.

CLT is assessed as the most suitable method for testing concepts, products, packaging, advertising effectiveness as well as conducting sensory research.

  • Rich Panel

    Respondents are recruited from our rich panel of over 110,000 members throughout Indonesia.

  • Venue Variety

    Research venue is customized based on specific requirements of each research study.

  • Advance

    Using advantage of technology, Nusaresearch provides some technology supports to increase interview speedy as well as secure information revealed in the interview.

  • Well-trained

    Freelanced interviewers are always trained carefully with interview skills by Nusaresearch's research staff before conducting the main interview.

High quality of CLT service

Rich Panel

Enhance recruitment process With more than 110,000 members of Nusaresearch, it is easier to reach target respondents which helps to shorten length of recruiting time.
Precision of recruiting is improved by recontacting participants from Nusaresearch' internal surveys (sub-panel and voluntary) as well as other clients' surveys. These participants were previously verified, so quality of their information is assured.

Venue Variety

Research venue is flexible to match research requirements Location to conduct interviews are usually decided by following requirements of each study.
Nusaresearch and its partners can provide various venues to satisfy Client's demand. Normally, Nusaresearch can arrange some typical venues e.g. Hotels.


Technology is one of Nusaresearch' strengths Distinguished from other market research companies in Indonesia,Nusaresearch has developed a comprehensive online survey program named Nusaresearch.
With this program, CLT's quality can be improved in terms of interview speed, interview environment and quality of data collected.


Participants' answers are always clarified by Nusaresearch' interviewers and research staff. In the Central Locaiton Test (CLT) interview, Nusaresearch' research staff perform data check right after the questionnaires are finished by participants. Any insufficient information e.g. vague words / sentences, conflicted answers or neutral responses are accepted. Unqualified questionnaires are sent back to the interviewers to clarify everything with the participants before sending them a gift.

CLT Case

We offer Central Location Tests (CLT) in a range of research situations, including:

Concepts are developed based on the insights executed from previous U&S studies. They are normally evaluated by respondents before manufacturers / companies go on next steps. This step is very important for them as it is one of vital factors for their pentration in the market.
This test is usually applied when manufacturers / companies have a plan to introduce new product to the market or re-position their current products on the market compared to their competitors' products. Taste test is the most common type in product test to help manufacturers / companies estimate responses of consumers with samples.
It is also called as Advertising test that evaluates effectiveness of advertising media (TV, radio, Press, etc.). Based on responses from respondents about the advertising content (key message, music, story, characters, etc.), manufacturers / companies can determine rooms for improvement before being on-air.
Packaging test are studies that respondents assess different packaging designs (colour, package shape, text font, logo, etc.) to pick out the most outstanding design. It is important to increase opportunities to get consumers' preference as well as reform current market position.

CTL methods

When planning for the CLT, there are many kind of test methods:

Monadic test Respondents are asked to evaluate a product rather than comparing it with competing product.
With this test, the sample product are assessed very detailed and focused.
Two products are presented to respondents contemporaneously so that they can choose which one is better for launching on the market.
- monadic test
Two products are evaluated sequentially.
Then, these products will be compared together to find out the winning product.
- monadic test
Only first product is asked in details while the second one is only used for comparision.
Repeat paired comparision Respondents are given the same pair of products to evaluate.
This step is repeated many times with the same pair without noticing respondents.

Rate of Central Location Test(CLT)

Contact us for service price in detail


Location Jakarta
IR 80%
Sample size 300 ss
Interview time 20 minutes
Price 10000 $ ~

Nusaresearch service package includes facilities preparation, recruitment fee, interview fee, incentive, and project management.
Total days: 20 days (from creating questionnaire to reporting)


Step 1

Create survey design

We support screening questionnaire based on our own experience to match Clients' requirements.

Step 2

Screening questionnaire

Since we have rich panel, we can gather participants quickly.

Step 3

Select the participants

Qualified participants will be selected from the recruitment list and invited to CLT interview.

Step 4

Launch CLT

Everyday, Nusaresearch' staff can interview 50 participants on average

Step 5


Raw data GT Label table

※ Without Cross tab and Report

Tips for Central Location Test (CLT)

Interview time: Approximate 1 hour
Since we do not set specific time for participants when joining the main interview, it is very important for us to manage length of interview on time. Ideally, total length of one interview is under 1 hour to keep patience of respondents as well as controlling presence of others.
Number of participants: 30 per day is reasonable.
There is no limitation for number of participants attending CLT ineterview per day. However, 30 is a reasonable number so that we can keep timeline for finishing CLT interview on time.
Technology support: CAPI is very useful
To save time for interviews, CAPI (Computer-assited personal interviewing) is recommended. In fact, speed of writing on paper seems to be slower than typing using computers. Therefore, CAPI is very useful to increase interview speed as well as shorten total days of fieldwork.

Process of conducting a CLT

1. Research brief

Client sends research brief to research agency

2. Proposal

Based on the research brief, research agency prepares a proposal which identifies target respondents and method to conduct group.

3. Recruiting

Prepare screening questionnaire and start recruiting. Recruiting period depends on difficulty of target respondents and total sample size.

4. Main questionnaire

Prepare storyline (order of questions) and confirmed by clients.

5. Invitation

Call back qualified participants 5 days before conducting CLT interview.

6. Set up facilities

Prepare room, tables, chairs, necessary equipments and other things requested by Client.

7. Prepare freelanced interview crew

Recruit freelancers and train them to be interviewers at CLT interview.

8. Conduct CLT

Research staff will manage number of participants everyday and check data right after receiving finished main questionnaire from interviewers to ensure that data is logical and there is no vague information.

9. Data processing

DP department will be in charge of inputing data and proceeding data into SPSS and run GT and Crosstab.

10. Report

Use processed data received from DP Department to create report.


There are two types of report: Excel report and Graph report

1. Excel report: Nusaresearch only provides GT (Grand Total) and Crosstab (Cross tabulation) in Excel format without comments

2. Graph report: Nusaresearch provides a full report with charting and comments on it. This report is usually presented by PPT slide

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  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Jakarta
    WA Only +62 811 9959 995
    Phone Only +62 21 5095 8311
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731