In-depth Interview


In-Depth Interview is another type of Qualitative Research Methodology besides Focus Group Discussion. This method's process as secure conversation between the moderator and the respondent, to dig in deep insights, perspective of the respondent about a particular situation, idea or issue.


For studies with In-Depth Interview focused on controversial or sensitive topics. As one remarkable advantage of IDI is to give respondent relaxed ambience and moderate time to develop and generate deeper ideas, or individual point of view - without feeling pressed or affected by other respondents' opinions.
To get detailed informatinon about IDI please contact us.


To get detailed information of a person's thoughts and behaviours on certain business idea, product/service feature..
Alternate respondent's participation in a Focus Group if he/she is not comfortable talking openly in a group.
Distinguish different ideas and insights of separate individuals on one common program/ situation.

Nusaresearch APPROACH TO IDI

Location of interviews:
Nusaresearch team were conduct In-Depth Interviews not only at standard IDI's room like other Research agencies. We have more options for the best place to carry out such individual interviews which fit a harmonial culture of communication in Indonesia.

IDIs can be performed at:
Respondents' house (with prior consent of the interviewee
Respondents's workplace (with prior consent of the interviewee)
A designated location by Nusaresearch for convenient meeting (Cafe, Restaurant and etc)
Standard IDI room with one-way mirror and viewing room for Client's observe.


1. Interview Guide creation

"Nusaresearch receive Interview Guide from Client and translate it into local language or Nusaresearch create Interview Guide based on Client's needs. Interview Guide is to be designed in a logic and naturally flow with the respondent while discussing the study topic. The draft of Interview Guide will be send to the Client to get the approval"

2 .Recruitment Process

Target respondents with required number are recruited by Nusaresearch field team follows the screener or conditions regulated by Client.

3. Fieldwork preparation

Arrange Interview location and schedule with respondents and client availibility. Arrange Simultaneous/ Consecutive Interpreter for foreign Client if requested.

4. Conduct Interview

In-depth interview with specified respondents. Presence of Simultaneous/ Consecutive Interpreter is required for foreign Client attendance.

5. Transcription, Translation and Auvi recording

Nusaresearch team transcribe IDI recordings and translate texts to Client's language or English (upon request). Provide the audio and video recording as our standard service, we will send it if requested

6. Summary Report

Top-line or full Summary Report in local language or English/ Client's language is provided upon request.


1. Respondent profile

Profiles of respondents design by the answers of Screener questions (Or customized profiles of respondents based on Client's targeted conditions)

2. Transcription

Transcribed text of interview recordings in local language or translated to English/ Client's language

3. Interview recordings

Nusaresearch can convert video files in many format depending on Client's request.
In case, Client does not want to receive DVD, Nusaresearch can upload the recording files to Nusaresearch server and send links to Client. However, the files will be deleted from the server after 10 - 14 days to ensure strict confidentiality.

4. Summary Report

Qualitative Report is commonly presented in words and image to support the insight other than charts or graphs. Find our Qualitative Research samples as below.

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  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Jakarta
    WA Only +62 811 9959 995
    Phone Only +62 21 5095 8311
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731