Focus Group Discussion

Focus group interview is a type of qualitative research which helps clients to understand consumers thoroughly. By moderating respondents, hidden viewpoints can be turned out from debates among these respondents that we cannot get from quantitative research studies.

  • Rich Panel

    Respondents are recruited from our rich panel of over 110,000 members throughout the country.

  • Experienced personnel

    Experienced qualitative researchers will support the project from the planning to reporting stage.

  • Combination of Quantitative and Qualitative Research

    To grab various insights, some quantitative techniques can be applied in FGD.

High quality of FGD service

Rich Panel

Recruiting target respondents From Nusaresearch (Indonesia) panel having more than 110,000 members with 25 attributes (gender, age, residential area, occupation, household monthly income, hobbies, etc.)
From sub-panels and other surveys conducted by our researchers to select the right respondents.


Supported by experienced researchers from the planning stage We provide skillful and comprehensive researchers for our clients from the planning to reporting stage. Our moderators have much experience on conducting FGD projects in different fields. Besides, the team including local and Japanese professionals is able to work on international projects.

Combination of Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Flexible skills in FGD Depending on purposes of each FGD, our moderators can recommend some techniques in both Qualitative and Quantitative method in the group. By combining these techniques, we can collect thorough insights from FGD.

Rate of group interviews

Contact us for service price in detail.

Sample price table for 4 Groups (6 respondent / group)

Group 1 2 3 4
Total (USD) 1900 3300 4800 6000


  • - Maximum is 6 respondents per group
  • - Length of interview: 2 hours / group
  • - Nusaresearch service package includes room/facilities preparation for interview, qualified moderators as requested, recruitment fee , incentives, guideline, project management, transcription, and report.
  • - Fee for guideline and report can be changed depending on clients' request. Please kindly contact us.
  • - Nusaresearch experienced full-time staff will manage project directly from creating survey to reporting.
  • - For recruitment, Nusaresearch has freelancers well-trained by Nusaresearch team to keep quality of respondents.

Photo Gallery of FGD rooms

1. Interview room

From our partner - Beranda

Equipment Information
TV, Projector, Recorder, etc.

2. Observe / Client room

From our partner - Beranda

Equipment Information
TV, Projector, Recorder, etc.

Tips for focus group interview

Interview time: Approximate 2 hours Reasonable time to carry out a discussion is important. 2 hours is the maximum interval for participants joining the conversation actively and enthusiastically. Exceeding 2 hours will drive participants to get bored. Quality of the answer falling from this may affect the project results.

Number of group participants: 6 is the bestThe size of a FGD can increase up to 7 - 8 participants depending on clients' request. However, with this number of people, we can meet some obstacles. In particular, longer interview time leading to bad mood of respondents can be seen obviously.

Tips for FGD execution in Indonesia

  1. 1. Reconfirm FGD purpose before executionExecutors carefully ensure that objectives of the discussion are clearly defined by clients.
  2. 2. Keep balance in the groupArrange respondents at the same level in one group to keep balance of ideas sharing. In details, we should avoid recruiting people who are too talkative or silent / not willing to share their ideas in the group. Besides, the same education level is also important as knowledge of university graduates completely differs from people graduating from high school. In some specific projects, social economic class also affect outputs, so dividing respondents in suitable groups is very important in this case. Moreover, dressing and behavior of Moderator also contribute in success of FGD. In the other words, she / he should dress and behave suitably to integrate with respondents.
  3. 3. Always have back-up plan for recruitment processDue to the culture and habits of Indonesian, there is a high rate of cancellation before or on FGD date. Even market research companies increase costs for incentives to attract respondents, this rate does not change dramatically. Hence, market research companies have to be aware of this situation and always recruit double number of respondents required.
  4. 4. Ask respondents to come earlyLateness seems to be very common in Indonesia because of habits of Indonesian and serious traffic jam. To avoid this case, market research companies have to ask respondents to come 45 minutes - 1 hour before FGD starts.
  5. 5. Inform specific rules and information to respondentsWhen inviting married respondents especially females, market research companies should ask them not to bring their children to FGD. Otherwise, even they were in separated room, their children can distract them and we cannot keep them stay in 2 hours.
  6. 6. Collect usage information including facts and actual use of respondents in a pre-questionnaireThis activity is to get an experience profile of respondents in advance, to be used as background for developing their ideas. It's an effective use of the limited time for FGD, so moderator have time to dig deeper the respondents point of view in an interview.
  7. 7. Retrieve knowledge on the Discussion topic prior to the interviewThis is to help Moderator can understand the topic comprehensively in order to deal with any new opinions that can come out unpredictably.
  8. 8. Do not follow the order of discussion guideline strictlyFollowing the story rigidly may affect moderator's flexibility to carry out the discussion. Moderator can rearrange the order deacpending on what is going on in the FGD, but still ensure to have enough information required in the discussion guideline.
  9. 9. Focus on listening while deploying the discussionListening to answers from respondents carefully can bring different opportunities to sharply understand respondents' stories. In addition, Moderator should express his / her emotions when listening to respondents, but does not to give his / her own ideas.
  10. 10. Listen to the reasons of respondents on using "Why" questionsGet respondents' awareness rather than to check their reaction and response, or try to figure out reasons for their reactions / answers.
  11. 11. FGD is different from other quantitative methods as ideas are collected by each of individuals rather than majorityDeeper insights of each individual are more appreciated in FG.
  12. 12. Control participants when they are over excited to drive the story far away from original topicIn those cases, Moderator should ingeniously get participants back to the discussion topic.
  13. 13. Should not overlook even small viewpoints of respondentsModerator listens to the story of participants and note down very detailed even slight changes.
  14. 14. Characteristics of Indonesian respondentsIndonesian respondents are easily influenced by their peers especially smarter ones. Moreover, they prefer to more open up with someone at their level or slightly higher (minimize distances). Hence, Moderator has to be careful in acting and ways of asking questions. Besides, most of them always try to answer any subjects even if they don't really knowledgeable about the topic. To avoid this situation, Moderator must probe so that they can understand about the topic.

Tips for Client

  1. 1. Simultaneous InterpreterUpon request, simultaneous interpreter is available for Client to report what's going on in FGD by using Client's language (common is English). She / He will sit in Observe / Client room and wear headphone during the interview. In some special cases, she / he will be in Interview room when Client would like to communicate with respondents directly.
  2. 2. Extra questionsWhen FGD starts, it is better not to interrupt by sending some extra questions to Moderator as it can distract or break the environment of the group. However if they found something interesting during FGD , Client can ask questions by using one of the following ways:
    - Write down on a small paper and ask research assistant to knock the door of interview room.
    - Wait until break time and Moderator comes to the observe room.
    - Chat with Moderator by Skype as she / he can bring laptop in the interview room.
  3. 3. Come earlyClient should come 30 minutes before FGD starts. Otherwise, respondents can recognize appearance of Client and affecting their eagerness to share and responses during FGD. If Client cannot come early, she / he can come after FGD starts.
  4. 4. Try not to make loud noisesThe FGD room is one-way mirror, so respondents cannot see or hear voice in Observe room when Client speaks in low or normal tone. Therefore, it is recommended for Client to keep their tone in moderation during the interview.

The FGD's recruitment process

1 Invitation is sent to respondents taken out from Nusaresearch Panel or from outside.
2 List out potential respondents who are willing to join.
3 Call respondents to confirm recruitment criteria and pick out qualified respondents.
4 Divide potential respondents to 2 target groups: MAIN and EXTRA.
MAIN respondents: have higher intention of participating in FGD.
EXTRA respondents: have lower intention or unsure about their participations.
** Cancellation rate in Asian countries is really high because of culture or external factors, so number of respondents recruited are always double by needed number.
5 Recontact to confirm respondent's participation as well as other information 1 week before the FGD day.
6 For some cases, visit the respondents' house in advance to check the authenticity of given information to be qualified for the project. Take pictures if necessary.
7 Final confirmation 2 days before the FGD day to make sure respondent's presence as well as guidance for reaching FGD venue.

Group Interview Case

Our Past Experience

  • Beverage -For new product development.

    Explore the needs of drinking after meals occasion, and between meals, new products.
    I extract keywords for the development of an idea.

  • Fashion -For exploring fashion style and new concepts

    Understand lifestyle as well as elements affecting on fashion style of respondents. Besides, presenting some new designs (clothes and shoes) to pick out the most suitable ones for them.

  • Job changing - For finding reasons for changing job

    Applying market research online community, participants felt comfortable when sharing their opinions on job changing trend in Indonesia as well as reasons why they left their companies.

When FGD is applied

Focus group discussion is usually for:

Concept test will go through:

Tagline -> Insights -> Benefits -> Reason why

Name and logo test will go through:

Name's preference -> Suitability of name with core business -> Features of name
Logo's preference -> Suitability of logo with name -> Features of logo

Advertising test will go through:

Recognition -> Overall appealing -> Key message -> Uniqueness -> Relevancy -> Credibility -> Persuasiveness -> Trial intention

Explore study will go through:

Usage and attitude -> Brand assessment -> Market segmentation

Process of conducting a FGD

Research brief

Client sends research brief to research agency


Based on the research brief, research agency prepares a proposal which identifies target respondents and method to conduct group.


Prepare screening questionnaire and start recruiting. Recruiting period depends on difficulty of target respondents and total sample size.

Discussion guideline

Prepare storyline (order of questions) and confirmed by clients.


Call back qualified participants 2 days before conducting groups.

Set up facilities

Prepare one-way mirror rooms, video recorder, interpreter (if any), refreshment... as requested.

Conduct group

Client can give their additional questions for moderator (researcher) while group is carrying out.


After finishing one group, researcher will debrief insights collected from the group and discuss with client about next groups.


Collect, analyze information and make report.


Respondent profile - PPT slide

Respondent profile is usually provided 1 - 2 days before FGD day. Basically, it provides respondent's name, picture, age, occupation and some specific information.

Transcription - Excel or Word file

Transcription can be delivered by English, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indonesia.

1. Template 1 - Word file

2. Template 2 - Excel file

Recoding files

Nusaresearch can convert video files in many format depending on Client's request.
In case, Client does not want to receive DVD, Nusaresearch can upload the recording files to Nusaresearch server and send links to Client. However, the files will be deleted from our server after 10 - 14 days to ensure strict confidentiality.

Report - PPT slide

Unlike quantitative research with charts, qualitative reports mostly use words to analyze and define what consumers said. Below is one of our sample report.

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  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Jakarta
    WA Only +62 811 9959 995
    Phone Only +62 21 5095 8311
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731