Panel Quality Policy


Specializing in providing online samples for market research, PT. Nusaresearch aims to become one of the top online research companies in Indonesia since the company was founded in late 2012. Continously, we improve our system and panel recruitment methods to ensure that our clients can approach the right people, at the right time to enhance business decisions.

Illegal and fraudulent registers information control

Confirmation of identity is carried on by various techniques including system and personnel control at PT. Nusaresearch. The members who break the quality rule will not be able to attend any further surveys or receive incentives.

♦ Fraudulent panellist
  • Solely email address and mobile phone number registered is suspicious.
  • Have been directly contacted and requested to adjust information but not changed yet.
  • Failed in trap questions related to demographic information.
  • Failed in logical questions and being checked as "Bad" status due to our quality management rule.
♦ System automatically checked

In order to decrease multiple entries and fraudulent panelists, registration information is automatically scanned by our system.

  • Members registered must be 17 years old and over.
  • Username, email address and mobile phone number are not allowed to be duplicated.
  • All essential information is required to be filled out as register completion.

Panel recruitment methods

Nusaresearch active managed panels are primarily recruited through our panel site, Our company use a wide range of sources to invite people to join our panel. Both internet marketing and traditional marketing are performed in parallel to ensure the size and demographic features sufficiency of our panel.

  • Internet marketing includes: Nusaresearch panel site, partners sites, social network portals, online newspapers, forums...
  • Traditional marketing includes: advetising campaigns at universities, shopping centers, internet stores, drug stores, supermarkets...

Panel providing purpose

Nusaresearch online panels are used exclusively for market research. Email marketing or any other marketing purposes are completely not applied in our panel usage.

Panel information update

Each panel member has their personalized account in panel site and could access surveys, score history and update adequate information.

  • Members have active rights to adjust their information except the core information (username, birth date, gender, mobile phone number, email address,,,)
  • By every six months, members are requested to update their register information through newsletters, emails and notice at top page of the survey.
  • After fraud information's adjustment and quality checking, members could be considered as an active member of our panel.

Nature of incentives system

Nusaresearch panel members receive incentives for their participation in surveys in the form of E-Point.

  • Joining each survey with different time-length and number of question will receive the equivalent E-Points.
  • 1 E-Point is symbolized as 50 IDR and the member who accumulates over 500 E-Points could exchange for presents.
  • Current exchangable presents are prepaid mobile cards, electronic money and different types of vouchers.
  • With certain campaigns, prizes are disversified as cash, gift vouchers, online vouchers and game cards...


In parallel with quality control by system, Nusaresearch panel management team plays an important role in panels quality management.

Membership data cleaning

  • Declaration of register information will be checked through phone number, email and social media profiles....
  • Suspicious information is manually scanned and censored the eligibility by direct contact through mobile phone number.
  • Spam members and their friendlist are checked monthly and at visualized points exchange time.
  • Members who do not login or take part in any surveys for 200 days would be changed status into "Inactive".
  • Blacklist users would be deleted from our system yearly.

Fraudulent respondents are identified by TRAP question

  • Various TRAP types of questions and answers are set up by online survey team.
  • Every surveys contain at least one or two questions that integrated with TRAP.
  • Depending on specific level of TRAP questions failure, respondent's status will be marked as "Bad" or "Medium".
  • Member who was rated "Bad" 3 times and 'Medium" 9 times will be listed as Blacklist.
  • Blacklist members will be sent warning emails and not be able to attend further surveys.

Valid responding rate increasing methods

  • Appropriate conditions for the surveys and quotas are filtered carefully .
  • Invitation emails content is designed clearly to reduce screening-out rate but avoid fraudulence.
  • Public survey accessing is controlled by conditions and non-public survey acessings is controlled by URLs through invitation email.


Security of survey information

PT. Nusaresearch is aware of the confidential information of our clients, therefore survey information is kept confidentially. Information publishing on personal portals or any websites in any methods is illegal without permission of PT. Nusaresearch and clients. This condition is stated at the Terms and Condition of member registration and survey participants.

♦ Security measures in survey
  • Survey respondents are required to log in personal account at Nusaresearch panel site.
  • Non-public clients' surveys require URL from specific email to access the surveys.
  • The number of respondents for each survey is limitted.
  • "Copy" or "Print screen" and "Back" functions are disabled.

Website security measures

PT. Nusaresearch applies following techniques to ensure our panel site access security .

  • Cross Site Scripting
  • UNIX file parameters modification
  • SQL Injection
  • SSL Server Supports Weak Encryption Vulnerability.
  • Web server Brute Force Discovery of Unix Account Names Vulnerability
  • SSLv2 Enabled Vulnerability
  • Undefined state of applications

Answer refinement comprehensive system

For specific questions and surveys, options rule and system functions are set to ensure the quality of response as the followings:

  • Obligated response questions
  • Specific selected options required response
  • Conditional and limited response
  • Automatic question related answers transfer system
  • Conflict responses among related questions
  • Randomized response options
  • Randomized questions
  • Screen splitting and screen branches
  • System's access personnel limitation

System's access personnel limitation

For security guarantee, only personnel appointed by superior would have account and encrypted password to access the admin site. Passwords are also required to be changed monthly to avoid disclosure and enhance comprehensive system security.

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  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Jakarta
    WA Only +62 811 9959 995
    Phone Only +62 21 5095 8311
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731