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Customized survey

PT. Nusaresearch customized survey services are for following studies:

Market understanding

  • 1.Market Shares
  • 2.Market Competition
  • 3.Market Growth Potential
  • 4.Segment of Consumers


  • 1.Prototype evaluation
  • 2.Packaging
  • 3.Naming
  • 4.Specs
  • 5.Price
  • 6.Brand value

Concept Development

  • 1.Product Concept
  • 2.Brand Concept
  • 3.Advertising Concept
  • 4.Design Concept

Verification improvement

  • 1.Customer satisfaction survey
  • 2.Understanding of brand penetration
  • 3.Understanding of the change in brand image
  • 4.Degree of understanding of ad viewing behavior evoked
  • 5.Measure promotional effectiveness

To fullfill clients' demand, PT. Nusaresearch provides three main types of research service:

Panel Supply

Panel Supply service is mainly for global market research companies, who do not have panel but would like to do online research in Indonesia.

Recruitment service

PT. Nusaresearch gladly introduces a completely new service that offers panel for the survey as client's request basing on over 90 thousands of Nusaresearch's members in Indonesia. We mainly support for:

Research Recruitment